Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vintage Dior Suit

Sometimes the thrift gods smile upon you, and sometimes they make it rain Dior. In one day -- at two different shops -- I found a gorgeous 1950s polka dot Dior blouse, and then a stunning, black tweed 2 piece Christian Dior suit. In my size. (pause for approving murmurs and gasps)
 vintage Dior suit (check out this under $200 mustard yellow suit), vintage fur purse, Zara heels similar under $100, tee
I definitely have some plans to update the blazer with new buttons (I'm thinking gaudy and gold?) and maybe crop the trousers a little bit further. I love the pieces worn together for a super-put-together fashion plate look, but also can imagine the blazer worn over a poufy full skirt, and the high rise trousers with an oversized men's button down. 

For this outfit, I loved the casual white tee with the suit. I felt like I channeled a little Cry Baby, sipping my scotch and soda and feeling like a badass. 

Do you have any amazing thrift-scores to brag about? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Such a wonderful look! Wish I found such wonderful items at a thrift shop :)

  2. You look so good! I love your shoes! xx


  3. What fantastic finds!! I love this suit, and it looks gorgeous on you! Miranda xxx http://mirandasnotebook.com/

  4. You are one lucky lady!! Those are such great finds at a throw away price. You look amazing in that power suit and the white tee. great shoot location!

  5. Amazing suit! So jealous of you :)



  6. Great post. Well done.
    I love your style and your blog.
    Visit mine if you want
    many kisses